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Bulk Order Apothecary Information & Services Offered

Frequently Asked Questions

My motto here is, "If you don't see it just ask!", Kimberly Galeano (Owner/Creator)

Bulk Order Apothecary Information & Services Offered:

Q: What does a bulk order for candle products include?

  • A: Bulk orders can include wax melts, tins, Luxury Vessels, and glass match vials offered by LOVEKimmy Catalog. These vessels undergo extensive testing to ensure optimal customer satisfaction, including assessments of vessels, wicks, and waxes in a detailed process.

Customizing For Your Special Event:


Metal Keepsakes or Charms:

  • Elevate the sentimental value of your candles by adding metal keepsakes or charms, such as delicate butterfly pieces or symbolic keys. Please note that for special customizations, additional time may be needed for the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), ensuring meticulous sourcing and incorporation of personalized elements into your candles.

Candle Coloring:

  • Add a personal touch to your candles by choosing a specific color. While this customization option is available, it's essential to note that candle coloring is a complex process, and we cannot guarantee a consistent color across your entire bulk order due to the intricacies involved. 

Fragrance Oil Selection:

  • Tailor the scent of your candles to suit your special event perfectly. Our range of fragrance oils offers a diverse selection, allowing you to choose the aroma that best complements the ambiance you envision for your occasion.
  • Choose from the list of fragrance oils, and if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask.

Custom Labels on Vessels or Wax Melts:

  • Make your candles more special with custom-designed labels. Whether it's a monogram, a special message, or event details, our graphic labels add a personalized touch to your candles, enhancing the overall aesthetic and creating a lasting impression.

Matches in Glass Vials:

  • Add matches in glass vials for an extra special touch. Choose a color that
    matches your theme, providing an additional keepsake you can personalize with a custom label featuring your date, initials, and perhaps a quote of the day in line with your theme.

Graphic Labels Done for You:

Q: Is there an additional charge for graphic labels on bulk orders?

  • A: Yes, there is an upfront charge of $35 for graphic art for labels, included in the final price of the order. This charge covers three versions and changes in the design only. If you provide the art and need the labels printed, there is an additional charge based on the quantity needed. A service charge is also applicable for adhering custom labels.

Q: What is considered a bulk order?

  • A: Bulk orders are defined as 10 or more candle vessels or 15 wax melts and/or 10 matches in glass vials.


Q: Are samples free?

  • A: No, samples are not free. Each candle is sold at the current individual sale price.

Ordering and Delivery:

Matches in Glass Vials:

  • Color Matches could be processed after the graphic art is approved by you, needed within 1 week depending on the size of the order and availability of the colored matches chosen. If a color is short on inventory needed, you may want to choose another color or accept the longer processing time, which would be discussed and agreed upon.

Q: How long should I expect for the entire ordering and delivery process for my candles?

  • A: Planning ahead is crucial for candle pouring, and it takes up to 2 weeks to cure a candle. Curing is essential to allow the fragrance oil to reach its full potential. Therefore, a minimum of one month is recommended for the entire processing period. Please anticipate longer wait times during peak holiday and wedding seasons.

How is payment arrangement?

  • Payment is expected in full upfront for these custom orders, and there are no refunds unless visual damages to the vessels or vials are provided within 5 days of receipt. The time of receipt is determined by the date provided in the tracking number for your order.