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Please contact me directly with your affiliate interest in LOVEKimmy Catalog.  Send me your information about your qualifications and your plan of action. Please provide a bio and links to all social media platforms you will be using.

Relevancy per chosen product and high social engagement is also taken into consideration.

  • What item or items are you interested in promoting 
  • What is your expected compensation based on your experience and proven success.
  • What social platforms will you be using?
  • Why is LOVEKimmy Catalog a good fit for you

There are 3 tiers to consider:

  • 1k-4999k followers
  • 5k - 50k 
  • 50k plus

 All influencers commissions are subject to negotiation based on an individual basis and are measured by projected performance.

All influencers can be extinguished from the program at any time if found not a good fit for the brand.  Any returns made by the customer will reflect in the commissions of the influencer.  Commissions will be paid on a monthly basis. Note, that as an influencer, you are choosing to be an individual contractor.

Love, Kimmy