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Candle Care & Safety & Returns


Thank you so much for supporting my small business! I know your purchase is a special one! For future consideration, I take individual requests and bulk orders for special events with a custom label I am happy to design exclusively for the event! This would include weddings, birthdays, baby showers, etc

All merchandise in LOVEKimmy Catalog is handmade. Returns are not accepted unless the merchandise has been damaged by shipping. I will then need a proper photo from you within a few days of receiving the package. I would then be able to facilitate a claim to the delivery service used. At this time, I will be happy to replace the damaged candles for you.
To get the best burn and enjoyment out of your candle, allow your first burn to create a "full melt pool". This may take 3-4 hours of burn time. Candles have "memories". This means that however you have melted your candle where the liquid wax reaches the edges, it will continue to burn to the same edges. After each burn, trim your wick. For best scent throw, place your candle in the corner of the room.
It is your responsibility to read the warning labels provided on each wax item. NEVER leave any wax item in use in reach of any children or animals. NEVER allow any wicked wax product to burn all the way down to nothing, especially, glass as it can explode from the heat. This would NOT be my liability. It is advised to NOT allow any candle to burn for more than four hours. This is a common safety practice.

Contact me with any questions!

Love Kimmy