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Reusable Lunch Bags Are a Growing Trend

By Kimberly Galeano

There are many reasons why now more than ever people of all ages and demographics have been buying reusable "lunch bags" or "coolers bags". This purchase is proving to be a wise investment and a growing trend. They are an eco-friendly choice while supporting an aligning trend in awareness and sustainability. This helps in the reduction of an individual’s carbon footprint.

If you are searching for the ideal reusable lunch bag, trendy stylish patterns are a now must which is another reason why is doing so well with the sales of reusable lunch bags.

In this post, I will be elaborating on why a reusable lunch bag is a growing trend.

Who is buying Reusable Lunch Bags and Why?

Making the Grade

Parents of school-age children want more control over the quality of foods their children are ingesting. Not all school cafeterias are making the grade leaving many parents still concerned despite many changes in health requirements. “..., USDA rolled back some of the healthier standards in 2018 and in January 2020, proposed further rollbacks to let schools offer fewer fruits, limit the variety of vegetables, and more processed foods that are high in calories, fat, and sodium.” 1. 

Sending their children off with home-prepared lunches could be for many other reasons. Maybe the purpose would be to help with their little picky eaters? Other possible scenarios could include:

  1. controlling their childrens' diets (the USA has one of the highest obesity rates) 
  2. or, to provide foods for those with different cultural backgrounds, 
  3. and maybe even catering to kids with gourmet tastes

How Covid May Have Changed Office Meal Breaks Indefinitely 

Post-Covid, food break habits will be evolving at the office. “With American's new focus on fresher, whole foods, a shift from traditional snack- only vending machines to fresh food micro-markets will be the trend in 2021”…” Companies will want to offer a better variety of snacks and grab-and-go meals for workers who have become much more conscious of ingredients in their food”…” Open cafeterias and crowded break rooms won’t be possible with Covid restrictions…” 2. 

While Americans are moving toward being more health-conscious with food intake, fast foods will not be a popular choice. What option remains for a thirty-minute lunch break? The answer would be to bring your food to work.

Those with on the go lifestyles, including those heading to their work shifts, are wanting healthy options. Also, those on a budget are buying lunch bags to bring their self-prepared food from home. If you are stuck at an office and your only options are five fast food places to choose from and you have a thirty-minute lunch break to grab and go, how would you rate this as an ideal position to be in? I have been there and would rather come prepared with my foods of choice from home and enjoy the full 30 minutes relaxing and munching away.

Eco-Friendly Gaining Momentum

Finally, let's talk about eco-friendly options as a growing trend. Reusable lunch bags cut down on plastics and brown paper bags which are contributing to many environmental hazards. Thereby, using these cooler bags is not only a great investment choice for yourself, but you would be doing your part with your choices on a grander scale for the environment.

Are you interested in more information on how to put a sustainable on-the-go meal together? According to Foodprint, here are 7 ways. 

  1. Use Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags
  2. Get Your Kid a Reusable Water (or Juice) Bottle
  3. Use Reusable Stainless Steel Containers
  4. Cut Out Processed and Pre-Packaged Foods
  5. Choose Organic, Seasonal Fruits and Veggies When You Can
  6. Think About Going Meatless on Mondays
  7. Choose Better Lunchbox Meats and Cheeses

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