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Collection: Scented Vegan Candles

Comes with Beautiful packaging as you can see in the images, makes a perfect gift!

Includes two collections:

  • Revelation Candle Collection
  • Chakra Candle Collection
The Revelation Collection, or prayer candles, are a collection of 4. Unlock your energy through meditation prayer or meditation. It's always nice to take a moment to be in the present for what your spirit wishes, would like to manifest or is grateful for whether it's for yourself or others. You can do it while lighting your candle in spirit.
The Chakra Candle Collection; there are 7 Chakras, therefore, 7 candles that can be instrumental in you summoning positive energy and mindful balance while meditating in your personal space perhaps while even doing yoga.
So light a candle to manifest your destiny or summon you closer to a positive mental or physical balance.
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